Our Mission

Ilhm Center (Innovation Leadership and healtcare management) is an advanced Research Hub sharing knowledge, strategic partnerships and management skills in order to improve innovation, leadership and management processes in the healthcare supply chain.


Massimo Caruso

National Secretary of AiSDeT (Italian Association of Digital Health and Telemedicine)

For over 20 years dealing with innovation in Healthcare with particular attention to organizational and technological models.

In 2002, he was among the founders of Medmatic @, the first Italian event dedicated to eHealth.

He collaborated with important private and public stakeholders (Eutelsat, Italian Space Agency, Arsenal.IT) and with Health Agencies (AOU Policlinico di Messina, AOU Policlinico Bari) and with organizations and institutions (Sicilian Region, CEFPAS and AGID – Italian Digital Agency).

Editor of journals dedicated to innovation in Health (SudSanità and eSanit @) and e-Heatlthcare Management, promoted the establishment of the National Digital Health Network, which gave rise to the Italian Association of Digital Health and Telemedicine of which, he is the founder .