Our Mission

Ilhm Center (Innovation Leadership and healtcare management) is an advanced Research Hub sharing knowledge, strategic partnerships and management skills in order to improve innovation, leadership and management processes in the healthcare supply chain.


Gustavo Barresi

Dept. Economics and Business - Unict

Lecturer in Business Administration in Healthcare Firms – Private Healthcare, University Masters, II level in “Business Administration and Management in Healthcare - E.Ma.S.”. 

Lecturer in Restructuration d'entreprise du service sanitaire coordonné italien (SSN): de la perspective d'entreprise à l'approche systémique, Winter School “Les restructurations des entreprises”  (2008-2009).

Lecturer in seminars for PhD course in Business Administration and Management in Healthcare (in collaboration with CERGAS – Bocconi University Milan).

Lecturer in A new institutional role for the Public Administration, University Masters, II level, in “Governance and territory”.  

Research chief for the following University Research Projects (PRA):
    •  Le aziende di produzione di servizi culturali: profili di governance e strategie di sviluppo (2005) (Cultural Services Firms);
    • Analisi del settore agroalimentare in Sicilia: profili caratterizzanti ed opportunità di sviluppo (2004) (Analysis of agriculture and food industry in Sicily);
    • Accreditamento e finanziamento delle aziende sanitarie: un confronto internazionale (2003) (Accreditation and funding of Healthcare Companies).
1995/96, 1996/97 and 1997/98 member of research group in “Cost Analysis”, Faculty of Business Studies, LUISS  University, Rome.