Marco Romano

Dept. Economics and Business - Unict

Is Full Professor of Management in Italy and serves as Professor in “Entrepreneurship
and Business Planning”, “Digital Innovation and Transformation Management” and “Marketing”,
Department of Economics and Business, University of Catania.
Ph.D. in Management, University of Catania (Italy), May 2000.
Master Degree in Economics and Business, University of Catania, May 1995.
Diploma Managing Abroad, IBIS Programme in International Business Management, Haarlem Business
School, The Netherlands (August 1993 to June 1994).
His research intersects the fields of strategic management, innovation and entrepreneurship. His interest
focuses on entrepreneurial issues with respect to scientists as principal investigators, entrepreneurial
universities, entrepreneurial ecosystems, technology transfer, academic spin-off, knowledge management,
digital transformation, business analysis, development and planning, corporate governance, nonprofit
organizations, family start-up, supply chain, marketing and retailing management.
His has papers published in leading international journals such as Journal of Technology Transfer, Journal of
Intellectual Capital and Journal of Knowledge Management.
He has published several contributions and research monographs on the themes of entrepreneurship,
technology transfer, Principal Investigator Entrepreneurship with leading publishers such as McGraw-Hill,
McGraw-Hill Education, Palgrave MacMillian, Emerald Group Publishing Limited and World Scientific
He is currently Associate Editor Journal of Intellectual Capital, editorial board member Journal of Innovation
and Entrepreneurship, Journal of the Knowledge Economy, Scientific Advisory Board Sinergie Italian Journal
of Management. He has been an Associate Guest Editor Journal “Mercati e Competitività”.
His teaching fields primarily focus on Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management,
Marketing Channels, Supply Chain and Retailing Management, Organizational Behavior, Public-Owned
Companies Management, Knowledge Management, Family Owned Firms Management.
He has supervised around 300 dissertations on Post Graduate and Under Graduate Programmes.
He is visiting professor with Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University (UK). He was Visiting
Scholar, Whitaker Institute for Business, Social Sciences and Public Policy (Formerly Centre of Innovation &
Structural Change) National of University of Ireland, Galway Ireland. From 1998 to 2001 he was visiting
Lecturer, Department of Management, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida (USA).
He has successfully secured research funding and is an experienced principal investigator leading large scale
multi partner publicly funded research programs at European, National and Regional level.
He held several leadership positions including President of Science and Technology Park of Sicily, Board
Member of APSTI -Italian network of scientific and technological parks, General Manager “Department of
Economic Development” Regione Siciliana, and General Manager, Service Health Emergency 118 in Sicily.
He has delivered Keynote Presentations, Lectures, Seminars and Workshops nationally and internationally
to business, policy and academic audiences, as well as delivering executive master classes on strategy
development, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer processes. Over the last two decades
he has provided strategic consultancy and advice to SMEs, start-up firms, voluntary organizations and
public sector organizations.


Full Professor, Department of Economics and Business, University of Catania, October 2018 - Present.
Associate Research, Istituto di Fisica Nucleare - Laboratori del Sud Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN-LNS), 2019 - present.
Visiting Professor, Department of Management, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), 2018 - present.
Faculty Member Ph.D. in ECONOMICS, MANAGEMENT AND STATISTICS, Università degli Studi di MESSINA, April 2016 - present.
Faculty Member, Centro Studi Avanzato in Innovazione Leadership e Health Management (ILhM-Centre), Università degli Studi di Catania, 2019 - present.
Expert of ANVUR Exploratory Commission for the Evaluation of Business Area, 01-09-2015 - present.
Expert of “Research & Innovation - Horizon 2020 Programme” European Commission, 2013 - present.
Expert of MIUR, 2003 - present.
Scientific Board Member International center of research on international management - ICRIM, University Cattolica (Milano), 01-06-2015 - present.
Principal Investigator Research Project “Business Plan and Economic Impact of the research infrastructure "KM3NeT”, Istituto di Fisica Nucleare - Laboratori del Sud Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN-LNS), 2015 - Present.
Principal Investigator Research Project “Imprese, Knowledge Gatekeepers e istituzioni per l'accrescimento dei livelli di competitività dei Sistemi Local di Innovazione”, Università degli Studi di Catania, November 2015 - November 2017.
Scientific Board Member “Fondazione Centro Studi Unione Nazionale Giovani Dottori Commercialisti - CENTRO STUDI UNGDC”, President of topic area “entrepreneurship”, July 2018 - present.
Member of CUG Committee (Guarantee Committee for equal opportunities, enhancement of the welfare of workers and against discrimination), Università degli Studi di Catania, dal June 2018 – December 2018.
Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Business, University of Catania, January 2014 - September 2018.
Principal Investigator Postdoctoral Programme “Firms, Knowledlge Gatekeepers and Institutions for the competitiveness of Local Innovation Systems”, Università degli Studi di Catania, 2015-2017.
Vice-President “Distretto Turistico della Regione Siciliana Antichi Mestieri, Sapori e Tradizioni Popolari Siciliani”, Regione Siciliana, 2012 - 2016 (prorogation).
Independent Board Member Zappalà Spa, 2015-2017.
Principal Investigator “Imprenditorialità Sociale”, Consorzio SOL.CO. RETE DI IMPRESE SOCIALI SICILIANE - Certified Social Business Incubator 221/2012, 2014 - 2016.
Expert to study the creation of a Science and Technology Park in Bahrain, International Garden Show 2014, Bahrain, 2014.
President of Science and Technology Park of Sicily, October 2010 - August 2013.
Board Member of APSTI -Italian network of scientific and technological parks, April 2012 - October 2015.
Founder of Technological Cluster “Bio-Medico della Sicilia” e National Cluster “Scienze della Vita (ALISEI)”, as President of Science and Technology Park of Sicily.
Scientific Board Member “Unione Regionale delle Camere di Commercio della Sicilia” project “Azione di accompagnamento alle PMI siciliane nella progettualità in ambito della ricerca, dell’innovazione e del trasferimento tecnologico”, Principal Investigator Prof. Matteo Caroli, May 2013-Jannuary 2014.
General Manager “Department of Economic Development”, Regione Siciliana, 2011.
Vice-President “Fondazione Dieta Mediterranea”, Regione Siciliana, 2012.
Scientific Board Member “UNICREDIT Laboratorio Start up Sicilia", 2012 – to present.
General Manager, Service Health Emergency 118 in Sicily (SI.S.E. Spa and S.E.U.S. Scpa), 2009 - 2010.
Assistant Professor, University of Catania, Faculty of Economics, January 2004 - 2014.
Board Member of Etna Valley Technological District, 2009 - 2010.
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Catania, Faculty of Economics, February 2001 - December 2003.
Lecturer, University of Catania, Faculty of Economics, October, 1998 - December, 2003.