Research Projects

Ilhm Center intends to carry out research, training, consulting and assistance activities with particular reference to the following topics:

  • Improving managerial culture in the digital healthcare, through advanced training in the area of ​​leadership, technological and organizational transformation;
  • Human resources management, organizational analysis and processes, performance monitoring and evaluation for empowerment and innovation;
  • Smart health technologies and connected care industry for the home caring and assistive medicine;
  • Big data,algorithms, data technologies and artificial intelligence in the precision medicine approach;
  • Predictive and personalized medicine. Accessibility , Sustainability and Ethics .
  • Financial dynamics for care-innovation and key performance indicators in public and private healthcare organizations ;
  • Value chains and cross specialties contaminations for the care pathway management;;
  • Risk management, medical auditing and liability system public health ;
  • Supply chain and advanced healthcare logistics and e-procurement models
  • Network strategic models and cooperative alliances in health organizations;
  • M & A and governance of health care complex structures;
  • Private equity, angel investors and startups in the biomedical and life science industry.