Milena Rizzo

Dept. Drug Sciences - Unict

1980 Graduated with honors in Pharmacy, University of Messina. 
1984 Graduared with honors in Pharmaceutical and Technological Chemistry, University of Messina. 
1986-1987 Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Cleveland, OHIO-USA). 
1992 Researcher at CHIM/08, University of Catanzaro. 
2002 Associate Professor of CHIM / 08, University of Catanzaro. 
2007 to present, Associate Professor at Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Catania. 

Organizational Activity 
2002 to 2006, Delegate of the RECTOR for Equal Opportunities Committee, University of Catanzaro 
2009 to present, Delegate of Department of Drug Science for Internationalization and ERASMUS Program.

Research activity
The research activity has developed in the field of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, mainly in Instrumental Chemical Analysis applied to 
-Pharmacokinetic studies of active substances on the Central Nervous System and Cardiovascular System;
-Determination of natural substances with antioxidant activity;
-Determination of biomarkers of oxidative stress:

Teaching Activities 
1995-2002, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Catanzaro.
1997-2002, School of Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy.
2002 to the present, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Catania;